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Managed Access Indianapolis | KST
When it comes to protecting your employees, your clients and your property a simple key is just not enough.  You need a comprehensive plan to manage access to your building.

Why keys aren’t enough

Lost, stolen or copied keys pose a serious security risk. And there are significant costs involved in  rekeying doors repeatedly.  In addition anyone with the key will have complete access to everything from valuable equipment to confidential records.

Access control systems which may include personal security badges, electric locks, and card readers, restrict and monitor access so you will have tangible records of all access and attempted access to be reviewed at a later date.

What is managed access?

A comprehensive access control plan is managed with a database which will track the following:

  • Prevent Unauthorized Entry
  • Allow individual access on Any Dates
  • Automated Door and Card Reports
  • Instantly Disable Lost or Stolen Cards
  • Limit Access to Secure Areas
  • Employee Attendance Reports

Why companies prefer managed access

Keeping your database updated can be a demanding job.  That’s why organizations like yours turn to the professionals from KST  to remotely manage the access control database from our state of the art, redundant, encrypted, and dedicated servers.

KST has partnered with Honeywell to provide a comprehensive access control solution. When you trust KST to manage your database, you are reducing your liability.  In addition you will alleviate unnecessary operating costs. Associated with trying to manage your access program yourself such as On-site servers, access control software, dedicated IT staff, employee training  and the headaches associates with system service calls.

 Where is managed access used?

One of the most common uses for managed access to limit access through secured doors.  For example we protect building lobbies, cash rooms, medical record storage areas. computer rooms, and  freezers.  Managed access can also be used to limit access to parking lots and , garages with key pads and vehicle gates.

Here are just a few examples of why companies in different industries protect their assets using our managed access services.

  • Retail stores rely on managed access for secure deliveries, inventory, cash and secure area control and easy card management.
  • Property management firms value the ability to manage multiple sites from one interface. Our managed access eliminates the expenses related to on-site IT and reduces their overall energy consumption
  • Religious institutions  and small businesses appreciate the ability to use automatic door times to secure the facility when it is not in use. At the same time they can create custom card schedules for specific groups during special events.